To provide the facilities for, and to encourage flying, of Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, and to encourage a spirit of good fellowship amongst its members and other modellers, to expand all Radio Control sports. It’s a NON-PROFIT making organization.


The annual general meeting (AGM) shall be held during the month of October of each year for the purpose of electing office bearers for the ensuing year. The members duly elected shall be responsible for the managing of the club interests. A quorum shall consist of 50% of paid-up members.

Should a quorum not be present at the AGM the Chairman and one other committee member will set a new date for the AGM which will be held within fourteen days of the original meeting, at this meeting a quorum will consist of four members, of whom shall be the Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and two paid up members.

The Executive committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as necessary. Propositions for discussion at the annual general meeting must be submitted in writing to the secretary and signed by the proposed and the seconded at least one month before the notified date of the meeting.

The Executive committee shall consist of the following:

OUTGOING CHAIRMAN (Previous years Chairman if not re-elected)

At least one members of the committee must be re-elected for the following year. The current Chairman will hold the position of Outgoing Chairman for the next year.

Only paid-up Members will be allowed to vote or have a voice at any Club Meeting. No proxy votes will be accepted. (You have to be there to vote).

  1. LEGAL

The legal liability of the club is vested in its members and not in individuals or office bearers/Executive Committee members.


All members are bound by the rules of the club as well as the SAMAA rules as published and amended from time to time. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to amend the club rules, penalties and sub-divisions without the consent of the members. The Executive Committee will ensure that none of the SAMAA rules will be diminished by the club rules.

The Executive Committee shall have the right to take disciplinary procedures against members guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the club. After the Executive Committee has made their final decision, an appeal may be lodge with the secretary in writing within 7 days and the matter shall be brought before a general meeting within 4 weeks thereafter, only if the executive committee could not resolve the issue. The decision of the general meeting shall be final.


The annual subscriptions shall be agreed upon at the general meeting. The renewal of membership fees will be due by 31st January of each year and not later than the last day of February. Any member who feels that they would prefer to make a monthly payment can do so provided that an application for monthly payment is submitted to the treasurer for acceptance, this application will only be approved subject to the monthly payment being made by means of a Bank debit order. Any member, who fails to pay his subscriptions by the end of December of the specific subscription year, automatically ceases to be a member. This however shall not relieve him/her of the obligation regarding the outstanding balance.

The subscription for members joining the club at any point during the year will be liable to pay a pro rata portion of the annual fees plus a joining fee equal to one year’s subscription, or if, paying monthly, starting from the month of application plus a joining fee equal to one year’s subscription.

Existing members that have not paid their annual subscription by the end of December of the specific subscription year, will be removed from the club members list and cease to be a member, a joining fee equal to one year’s subscription will be payable if he joins again.

All new members will pay a joining fee equal to one year’s subscription.


Visitors from other clubs as well as non-members who make use of the club flying facilities will be required to pay a visitors fee per day. The Executive Committee will review this amount each year.

At the discretion of the Chairman a visitor fee will not apply for official invitations. A visitor will be allowed four visits per annum. The first two invitational visits will be at no charge, for the next two visits a Visitors Fee will be payable per visit. Visit is defined as per day. Should any visitor wish to utilize the LOMAC facility after the four visits then the full annual membership fee will be levied.

All visitors flying must be paid up members of SAMAA.


A prospective member shall complete the official application form; all fees are immediately payable on completion of the application form.

As soon as the prospective member has completed his application the committee must decide if such an application is accepted or not. The decision made by the committee shall be final and no objections shall be considered afterwards.

All fees due are payable on acceptance of membership.

  • Senior Member – (A person over the age of 60 at the beginning of the ensuing year.)
  • Regular Member – (A person between the age of 19 and 60 at the beginning of the ensuing year.)
  • Junior member – (A person under the age of 19 at the beginning of the ensuing year, and still a dependant.)
  • Under 12 Member
  • Honorary Member – (Any Member can suggest a member for Honorary membership. Such a person must have made a significant contribution to the hobby, must be a paid-up SAMAA member and then must be unanimously agreed upon this honorary membership by the Executive Committee.)

The prospective member who wants to use LOMAC facilities must join the club immediately.

On resignation a member shall not be entitled to a refund of any joining fee, annual club fees or any other fees applicable already paid in and such resignation shall not relieve the member from h is obligation to pay his outstanding, if any, balance. However, a member in financial difficulty or special circumstances may submit a written application to the Executive Committee for his outstanding balance to be deferred, reduced, waived, suspended or payable in instalments as they deem fit.

Membership shall cease on the happening of any of the following events:-

  • Failure to pay the annual subscription within the period, as per the Rules and Regulations, after the due date;
  • Upon receipt of a written resignation;
  • Upon membership being terminated by the Executive Committee in terms of this Constitution;
  • On the decease of a member;
  • In the event of cessation of membership, all fees paid shall be forfeited to the Club.

All expenses must be approved by a minimum of two members consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and/or Secretary / Treasurer.

A Funds request form must be completed and signed for each and every expenditure, linked to a cheque number.

The Secretary/Treasurer must present a financial report at every annual general meeting. It must be accessible to all members if needed.

The financial year of LOMAC is from 1 February until 31 January.

The spending authorization limitation for the Executive Committee is as follows:

o   No single Capital expense more than R10000 (like building something new or adding to facilities)

o   No once off expense more than R10000 (like repairs and maintenance and paying people like Matsafeni)


If at any time the Executive Committee shall consider the facilities of the club being fully utilized, they shall, at their own discretion, hold in abeyance any existing applications and suspend further applications.

In the event of perspective members having to be placed on a waiting list, preference shall be given to local residents.


All members, who are able to fly on their own, who accomplished the minimum requirement to fly on their own, namely SOLO must be a fully paid-up member of the SAMAA.

This will ensure that the pilot has adequate insurance cover whilst handling radio controlled aircraft.


An Executive Committee member of the Club shall declare his or her position regarding an actual or potential conflict of interest prior to discussion of any matter in which such member has an actual or potential conflict of interest and shall immediately excuse him/ herself for the duration of the debate.


A member of the Executive Committee of the Club vacates his/her position automatically if he/she is absent from more than two consecutive meetings of such Executive Committee without the Executive Committee’s leave.


The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall ensure that all Executive Committee Members perform their duties adequately and make the necessary arrangements for assistance or relief should circumstances so require.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall be an Ex-Officio member of all Sub-Committees approved by the Executive Committee and shall be entitled to attend and participate in meetings of such sub-structures in an Ex-Officio capacity.


The Committee shall serve until the completion of the next Annual General Meeting, which will be in October of each year.


The functions of the Committee shall be the following:

  • to convene meetings of the Club;
  • to deal with matters of urgency;
  • to co-opt any member of the Club to the Committee either generally or for a special purpose;
  • to conduct, generally, the affairs of the Club;
  • to create and constitute such sub-committees as may be necessary for the better running of the affairs of the Club, which sub-committee shall report directly to the committee;
  • to open such accounts as are necessary for the better conducting of the affairs of the LOMAC and to nominate the members who are permitted to draw upon such accounts;
  • to make, amend and suspend rules and regulations for the LOMAC in terms of paragraph 7 hereof;
  • to recommend the annual subscription, if any, payable by the members of the LOMAC;
  • to maintain discipline within the Club, subject to paragraph 11;
  • to employ such staff if necessary required for the furthering of the objectives of the Club.

In the event of a vacancy on the Committee, the Committee may transfer the functions entrusted to the absent member to one or more of the remaining members of the Committee or to a co-opted member.


The penalty system will ensure that all violators of the club constitution and rules will be penalized according to the system and not to the emotional decision of any member of the LOMAC. This will ensure that the Executive Committee can reach an effective decision after any disciplinary hearing that may arise from misconduct of any member. See CLUB RULES – PENALTIES.


Amendments to the constitution can only be implemented at the annual general meeting or at a special general meeting which can be called on written application by at least one third of fully paid-up members, such application to be in the hands of the secretary at least one month before the date of said meeting.

The original documents are to be preserved in a safe environment.


Should the Club be unable to achieve the objectives for which it was formed, the Committee shall call a General Meeting for the sole purpose of deciding whether to continue with the Club. At least fourteen days notice of such meeting shall be given and the notice shall state the purpose of the meeting. At such a meeting, a decision may be taken by two-thirds of those present to dissolve the Club. Should such a decision be taken, the meeting shall appoint a receiver, who may or may not be a member of the Club, to wind up the affairs of the Club. Once the receiver has finalised the winding up o the Club, it shall cease to exist. Any asset remaining after all the Club’s liabilities have been met, must be transferred to another non-profit organisation having similar objectives.