Any pilot holding a valid SAMAA proficiency, who has been appointed by his club as a club-instructor, can test and qualify fellow club members (or visiting members) for a solo rating.
For Bronze, silver and Gold tests, two SAMAA instructors are required.

A proficiency test is not an aerobatic competition. The emphasis is on safety and the pilots ability to maintain control of his aircraft at all times.

Tests for solo and bronze need only one flight, The solo test requires a pass or fail score, the bronze test required a score between zero and ten, with a score of not less than (3) for any given manoeuvre and an average score of not less than 50%.

The judges scores are final. believe in the integrity of the judges, they will at all times act in the interest and the greater good of the sport.


Christiaan Rabie


January 2017

Tony Hulett


February 2017